Welcome to the official website of Linda Vigilmultimedia artist:  photographer, filmmaker, screenwriter, vj, dj, musician, poet, photographer, designer & time traveler.

Contrary to popular belief, you may not have realized that there is more to the internet than meets the eye. Deep within the intricate infrastructures flows a source of infinite power. A power, bursting at its seams to share the secrets of the hyper-dimensional esoteric world.

Like a deer in the headlights, one must freeze or flee. It is your choice. Take a look around, or return to “the real world”.

Linda Vigil

Born and raised in New Mexico (April 1980 – Age: 37).

I started observing my surroundings with a quiet intensity. Then discovered the medium of photography to help grasp actual reality from the imaginary. I set to work capturing images happening in the fine lines of the timeline.

I founded a record label Altered State Records, perform with bands Robot Soul Transferral & I Found a New Cowboy. And now I am working on my first feature-length film and trying to master the Japanese, French, Italian & Navajo languages.

Available for hire worldwide. Currently, I split my time in Montana, NYC & Tokyo with my lover and partner of Seventeen years & our two furry puppies- Coffee & Cream.


“You are only scared of death if you are not living right.” 


Poems, Haikus & Writings

Selected poems, haikus & writings from the vast archive of Linda Vigil. New material added on a regular basis. Get a 8.5″ x 11″ hand-typed, signed and numbered poem of your choice in the $hop!

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Digital Drawings & Illustrations

Drawings & illustrations are available in select size posters.

Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper. A statement in any room. These puppies are printed on archival, acid-free paper.

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This Will Scare You (2013)

You must be alone. In a dark room. Just watch until the end. 


Rosehips (2013)

Must consume the blooming buds.


Dry Earth (2012)

You never think you will run out of water, but when you do.


Acid Rain (2011)

And then it rains.


Carrot CULT (2011)

Follow the carrot… Follow the carrot. Follow the carrot.


Fight (2011)

Before Rock’em Sock’em robot – these tin toys knocked one anothers blocks off.


Repeat (2011)

Series of Three. 


That is why… (2010)

A confessional from when I was high all the time.


Friendship Broom (2010)

Making friends is just like finding an abandoned broom in the middle of Brooklyn.


Barcelona (2000’s)

A quiet day on the Mediterranean Sea. The only way to enjoy your self is to ignore all rules.


Mushrooms & Olives – Ooh… (2009)

Flashing bright lights. Women talking about what they would eat — if they ate pizza.


Chairlift (2009)

Why most of us ski… Beer-thirty.



Feel free to reach out with any questions. I am always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas or opportunities to be part of an event.