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a.k.a. @antsintheocean

Montana based multimedia outsider artist: dj, vj, designer, gamer, photographer, filmmaker, poet, musician/producer & time traveller...

2020 posts
1/1/2020 The year 2020
1/4/2020 is everything simulated...
1/8/2020 The Jetsons vs. The Simpson- a theme song showdown
1/9/2020 Is what you buy on literally trash?
1/10/2020 The War on Consciousness
1/14/2020 The internet
2/5/2020 Listen
2/6/2020 Volume Pedal as an Expression Pedal
2/6/2020 If you need to get away
2/6/2020 Right behind you
2/11/2020 Having your "cake" & eating it too