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Welcome to the official website of Linda Vigil.
a.k.a. @antsintheocean

Montana based multimedia outsider artist:
dj, vj, coder, designer, gamer,
photographer, filmmaker, poet,
musician/producer &
time traveller...


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I was born in the 80’s in the desert of the NM Navajo Nation. I started observing my surroundings with a quiet intensity. Then discovered the medium of photography to help grasp actual reality from the imaginary. I set to work capturing images happening in the fine lines of the timeline.

In 1999, I founded the record label Altered State Records. I now perform with bands Robot Soul Transferral & I Found a New Cowboy.

Currently I am working on my first feature-length film & trying to master the Japanese, French, Italian & Navajo languages.

I now spend all my time in Montana, with my lover and partner of twenty two years; Gregory & our two furry puppies- Coffee (R.I.P.) & Cream.


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Coming soon... A magazine - monthly or quartlery - I'm not sure yet. Because who wants to spend all their time on the internet? to be notified of pending release date.


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If you want to contact me try these places:
Instagram Youtube there is a 50/50 chance that I may respond to your inquiry.

If you really want to contact me, send me something from my Amazon Wishlist!

If all else fails you can leave a voicemail or text at this number: +14066866778


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Thank you for visiting my website,
Linda Vigil